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3 Options For Canning Your Craft Beer

Do you have your own craft brewery? Are you looking for a way to get that craft beer onto more retail shelves? One way may be to sell your beer in cans in addition to or even instead of bottles. Retailers sometimes prefer cans because they often take up less space on the shelf. That allows the retailer to carry more product. Also, your consumers may prefer a canned option for things like camping trips, grill outs, and tailgates. Read More 

Metal Roofs: Tips For Getting The Right Look For Your Home

Metal roofs have come a long way, and the popularity of this roofing material is on the rise, according to Roofing Tutor. Metal roofs are long lasting and offer several benefits for the homeowner, which is one reason for their surge in popularity; the other is the availability of styles and colors that can really dress up your home. When choosing what color and style of metal roofing is right for your home, you need to know a bit about your choices. Read More