3 Ways To Ship Your Products To Customers In Style

If you have recently opened up your own online store, you may now want to focus on how to properly ship out products to your customers. You might want to go above and beyond when you are shipping out products as a way of leaving a good impression on those who are making purchases instead of keeping it simple. There are some unique ways to customize your packaging and create a signature appearance that gives your business that competitive edge it needs to get ahead of other similar businesses in the industry.

1. Get Custom Corrugated Boxes

Before you start sending out packages to customers, it is a good idea to invest in custom corrugated boxes. These boxes are ideal for shipping because they are durable and strong enough to hold several pounds worth of the products you are selling. Instead of choosing traditional plain brown boxes, you can have the custom created to match your personality and the style of your business. You can choose from all kinds of colors, including pink, blue, purple and green. Once you have selected a color, you can have your logo printed on the front of each of these boxes. The company can print hundreds of these boxes out for you at a time so that you can send items out to customers in style.

2. Include Customized Tissue Paper in Each Package

Most companies do not package products with any tissue paper. However, you can show off your personality and make each order feel a bit more personalized by wrapping each item in decorative customized tissue paper. You can choose a custom color and have your logo printed on the tissue paper just like the corrugated boxes. If you want your customers to be able to reuse the tissue paper, you can always choose to have something other than your logo printed on it, such as hearts, flowers or stripes.

3. Add a Decorative Business Card to Your Boxes

Make sure to include a business card in each box. Because you may be a small business owner, you might depend heavily on your customers to tell their loved ones about the products you are selling. If you include a business card in the package they receive, they can set it off to the side and hand it to a friend or family member who may be interested in buying some of the items you are providing.

If you would like to offer a unique experience to the customers who receive shipments of products from you, consider using custom corrugated boxes instead of traditional brown boxes. You can stuff the boxes with decorative tissue paper and even include a business card in each one of them. Not only will you be shipping products out in style, but you will likely be leaving a great impression on your customers.

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